Good Bye

Last time we met, your hands,
taut with indifference, rolled
slim joints to metal bands
rung tight round my collar.

Someone else’s burden
grew thin and sharp, I choked
and choked up once again
as canvas sought to learn

just what made stone so strong.
There – my reflection bold
grasps firm in hand and heart
to the beat beat I heard

calling out my tired,
familiar greeting.
You, whose first name – Liar –
recalls buried loss burned

beneath the pile of tears
turned ashes. Do not think
you own me from my fears.
Soon I’ll bid you Adieux.


To Light

She stands
on the edge
infinity offers,

lit torch
in hand, knees
trembling, the slish
slosh courage sends melancholy

who dance to
pistachio pop and crackle – Snap
preacher hands produce to bring you back
from the brink.

In step
with the tune
of ten thousand lyres

her toes
dig into
the ground and embrace
the masses huddled at her feet.

Let the
freedom bell
ring true and transcend
coiled doubts poised and ready
to spring.

sail past for-
bidden shores;

test, see
that good Lord
at work in the field-
He seeks what has been turned away.

Your light
draws others
as you see them shy;
take heart, and through the white waters
march on.